HELLO AND WELCOME TO OCTAVUS OFFICE & SERVICE A member of the Alliance Business Center Network and the Business Center Association located direct on Potsdamer Platz 11. Let our owner-managed business center convince you based on the attractive location, modern interior and professionally trained and highly motivated team. Flexible contractual agreements and terms are possible to meet your individual needs.

A member of the Alliance Business Center Network and the Business Center Association located direct on Potsdamer Platz 11. Let our owner-managed business center convince you based on the attractive location, modern interior and professionally trained and highly motivated team. Flexible contractual agreements and terms are possible to meet your individual needs.

Our services include:

  • Offices: 1-25 Work space positions, 14 – 170 m² - we offer complete furnished offices catering to your concept and needs.
  • Virtual Office: Benefit from our extensive services and a virtual address on Potsdamer Platz in the center of Berlin – even without renting an office from us.
  • Telephone Service: Answering services using your company name, as well as other services..
  • Postal Service: Receipt, processing and forwarding of your incoming postage.
  • Meeting Rooms: Modern equipped conference rooms and meeting rooms in the heart of the capital.
  • Videoconferencing: Save time and money with our up-to-date communication equipment.
  • Included Services: As an OCTAVUS client you benefit from our selection of free beverages such as coffee, tea, and water (both carbonated and non-carbonated).
  • Wellness: If you are tired, tense and are looking for rest and relaxation? Massages, fitness center and Berlins green oasis, the Tiergarten, rounds off the feel good atmosphere by us.

Fix, Clean, and Speed Up Your PC

Fix, Clean, and Speed Up Your PC


Last Updated: December 15, 2013     
There are many reasons for your computer to run slow, including programs not installing or uninstalling properly, malware, system conflicts, Active X errors, and the most common, registry errors.

These errors happen due to the constant writing, editing, and deleting of information from your computer's registry as programs are installed, modified, and removed. This wreaks havoc on Windows© and causes your computer to run frustrately slow.

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Windows Backup Software
Backing-up your data is vital:

Equipment failure
Data corruption
Human error
Fire and more...
Download SyncBackSE and SyncbackPro

Advanced Windows Backup Software?
SyncBackPro free trial
Easy to Use Windows Backup Program?
SyncBackSE free trial

SyncBack is the ideal Windows backup solution to safeguard your data and information.
SyncBackPro - Advanced Windows Backups | Free trial | Buy | MORE INFO

Backup Software for advanced users:
Copy locked or open files
Fast Backup and Smart Synchronization
Versioning: keep previous backup versions
Backup To Disk: CD/DVD with disk spanning
Backup To and From Email
Scripting Support
BZip2 Compression: higher compression
S.M.A.R.T. Warnings for drive protection
Powerful FTP engine & AES encryption
Automatic scheduling
Superb feature set and customization
Generous Licensing Policy

Download Free Trial

How to Fix a Slow Computer

How to Fix a Slow Computer

Causes of Slow Computer
What causes a computer to become slow and operate with reduced performance? This question plagues computer users everywhere. Brand new computers are often quick and responsive, but after years of use they gradually degrade in performance and become slow, sometimes to the point of unusability. This exponential decrease in performance can be caused by not just one, but a collection of problems that amount to hours of wasted time and frustration.
Computers are responsible for performing multiple tasks at once, even if it seems like it's doing nothing. There are a number of processes and special services that run in the background on your computer. Many of these processes and services are necessary for the normal operation of your computer, but there equally as many that bloat the hard disk, overload the processor and needlessly consume the system resources that are elemental for fast computer performance. To regain, and further enhance computer performance, the operating system needs to be streamlined, wasteful processes terminated, unnecessary bloatware terminated, and security vulnerabilities patched.
Tweaking and fine tuning your system to run at its maximum potential requires effort and little bit of know-how, which we will provide, but these endeavours will take some time out of your day, so make sure you can invest it if you choose to attempt to speed up your PC manually. We've put together a step-by-step guide to manually tuning up your slow PC. However, often times an easier, automated solution can resolve the problem quicker.
How to Easily Fix a Slow Computer
Tweaking and tuning up your PC without using an automated solution can commonly be a lengthy and laborious task that may result in unintended consequences if you aren't a computer guru. However, the problems that cause poor computer performance can be repaired quite easily and safely when you have the right tool.
The tool WindowsAnswers.net recommends is SlimCleaner Plus. It is a very simple, fast, and easy to use application developed by SlimWare Utilities, winners of PC Magazine's prestigious "product of the year" in the Utility category (Source). SlimCleaner Plus can automatically detect and resolve problems that are causing poor computer performance. It can also correct many other issues your system may have. Very often, users won't even know there is an issue with their system until unexplained errors start occurring. As a matter of fact, that reason more than likely is why you are on this page right

(How to) Remove Toolbars

Scan for Malware Now

(How to) Remove Toolbars

Problem: The risk from not removing & repairing this problem now could include; system crashes, blue screens, and hardware failure. To ensure your PC is working correctly, please follow the repair instructions below.

Solution: It's highly recommended that you download and install our Toolbars Removal Tool. This tool will scan your PC and Remove Malware, Trojans, Spyware and repair computer errors, making sure your computer is operating correctly.

Download Toolbars Removal Tool   (4.7MB)
Compatible: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & 8 (32/64)
Download Size: 4.7MB Download Time: <(dsl, 1sec, dialup 2min)>


(Instructions) Toolbars Removal

Toolbars Tools

Software Features:

This software is designed to scan and diagnose problems within your computer and quickly repair them. It will also maximize performance and drastically increase speed and start-up time, as well as keep your system updated with the latest drivers & security protection.

The software comes with real-time Malware & privacy scan technology

Open PDF

Open PDF

This PDF Reader software is a free and ultimate solution for viewing and reading PDF files. PDF one of the most common text file formats, so whenever you need to open this kind of file, there is no need to buy expensive solutions, where you can enjoy this free PDF reader software.
Free Download
Clicking this Download button starts InstallIQ™, it manages your PDF Reader installation. Additional software may be offered to you via opt-in ads during the installation process. Learn More about the advertised offers during installation process and uninstall procedures for all software.
PDF Reader is also available for free at the manufacturer website.

System/Browser Requirements:
Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP. Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari
Toolbar + Homepage change:
During the installation process you may be offered to install a search toolbar, replace your browsers' homepage and change your browsers' default search engine to enhance your browser search experience. You are not required to install the toolbar or change your homepage/default search to use the software. See toolbar image example:

toolbar image example

PDF Reader - More Inormation & Features:
This PDF Reader software has multiple display functions and text and image selection. It is extremely easy to use, works fast and quick to install and launch.

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

Application for retrieving Product Keys/CD Keys or registry keys
At the time of downloading Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder you accept the conditions of use and privacy policies stated by Download366. The download will be executed through a download manager (DownloadMR®) that belongs to Download366. The mentioned download manager doesn´t have any relationship with the author. Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder can be downloaded as well freely from the author's website. Download366 aims to offer downloads free of viruses and malwares. The download manager is part of our virus and malware filtering system and certifies the file´s reliability. Additionally, the download manager offers the optional installation of a toolbar. Learn more. Check the uninstall instructions.
Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder is a useful application designed to retrieve users´ Product Keys (CD key). These are used to install Windows from the registry. If you are a bit lost about what we are talking about, here is a good example that can solve your doubts.
Just imagine that you´ve installed Windows a while ago, but then you want to reinstall it. What if you have lost the CD Key or Product Key necessary for the installation? Is there a way to find out which is the key you used to install your operating system? You can go down two roads, perform an exhaustive search and find it by yourself, or else let Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder do the hard job and find that password for you.
The application includes options that allow you to copy the Product key to clipboard, print it to keep it safe, or save it to a text archive. By the way, it works on systems like Windows 95/98/XP/2000/ME/NT/Vista. It also works on Photoshop, Office, VB .NET, etc.


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